An Inspiring Teenage Weight Loss Transformation!

Parker's Transformation!

Today, about one in three American kids are overweight or obese. With over 12.5 million of our nation’s children being overweight, finding inspiring ways to encourage young adults to adopt healthy habits is one of my biggest challenges. While there is no magic pill for teen weight loss, there is plenty we can do to help. Studies have shown that weight loss surgery can lead to substantial improvements in various obesity-related health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Being young and trying to lose weight in a world of temptation is one of the toughest things a teen can do, but learning while you are young is one of the smartest things a parent can do for their child. If your teen is overweight, he or she is probably as concerned about the excess weight as you are. Aside from lifelong health risks, the social and emotional fallout of being overweight can be devastating.

It can also be very frustrating to attempt weight loss and have poor results. That is why I have created a program that is customized to each individual client. Nobody wants to feel like they are on a diet or being deprived, especially a teenager!

I love working with young adults on health and wellness, and being the first one in their lives to give them the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Today’s transformation is one I am so proud to finally post. After spending most of his middle school and high school years overweight, Parker finally reached a point where he was ready to get serious and change his lifestyle! He spent the entire second half of his senior year in high school focusing on eating right and working out!

Parker lost 45 pounds and 26.5 inches, surpassing his original goal! He also lost 15.7% body fat! He took advantage of my program by texting me his food journal, never missing his weekly meetings, and following my advice in the gym! Now a Freshman at the University of Illinois, Parker has said “the food on college campuses is so bad for you it’s upsetting!” He actually bought healthy foods to keep in his dorm room, and is doing the best he can with the choices he has! He has taken all the tools he learned while working with me, and has been able to maintain his inspiring weight loss for his entire first semester!

In the past year that I have been working with Parker, I have seen him start on day one with wanting to learn how to eat healthy in a world full of junk food. Slowly he tried new workouts, new recipes, how to eat in social situations, how to incorporate his favorite foods into his everyday life, and how to use his own body composition to see that weight lifting is the best exercise choice for his own body type!

Parker never let his busy life stop him from seeing the results he was striving for. Even with a crazy busy senior year in highschool, and the start of college, he learned and followed TheFittChick program! He is starting 2018 maintaining a 45 pound weight loss! Let this journey inspire you to start your own motivating story TODAY! If you are ready to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS, click HERE! And check out more before and after success stories HERE!



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