Burn Fat and Build Muscle With TheFittChick Plan!


With weekly workouts at Performance Factory Training and an easy to follow customized meal plan from TheFittChick, Jeremy was able to lose over 5 pounds of fat to get the lean look he was going for.


By following his meal plan, adding in the right supplements, working with his trainer, and tweaking his pre and post workout meals; the results speak for themselves!


If you are looking to shed some winter weight, check out my plans at HERE!


Are You Ready to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS?



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[…] Before beginning her plan, Ann didn’t cook at all.  Her family of four ate out and carried in.  I slowly gave her quick & simple recipes and now she is making healthy family dinners almost every night!  With her new love of cooking, she was able to help her husband get into amazing shape as well.  Check out his transformation HERE! […]

I have an eGalley of this, but I haven't started reading it yet, because I've heard many mixed things about this book. Some people really liked it, others didn't even finish it. But maybe I should give it a chance.Thanks for shCagni,rarina @

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