Tuesday Testimonial…


In his own words:

“I have been exercising regularly for over 4 years and although I got in better physical shape, I was unable to lose weight. I was not happy with my 4 month pregnant look – not a good look for a man! I was introduced to TheFittChick at the beginning of the year. Over the next 3 months Jillian taught and guided me along a path that changed the way I ate. She made herself available for questions and was always there for support. Short story, It resulted in a weight loss of 21 pounds. It was a goal that I had tried to reach for at least four years and finally with Jillian’s help I made it. Feels good.”

Let Barry inspire you to get healthy and change your life!   For more information on TheFittChick plan, check out my plans HERE!

~Eat Yourself Skinny~

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