Because a Goal without a Plan is just a wish!


“Hi everyone-Sam again…


It’s been a very busy weekend! Actually it was my birthday weekend! A ton of fun was had, and now I’m trying to recover this week. One thing on my mind was could I have a few cocktails to celebrate.  TheFittChick and I discussed all the best choices to consume, and still have a weight loss for the week.  Her best suggestion was crystal light margarita mix. They are so yummy! Y’all have to go try this!  just add a little ice, one cup of water,  tequila and the Margarita Packet – it’s amazing!  TheFittChick likes her blended and even has Mexican restaurants make that for her.   Jillian helped me figure out how to enjoy my birthday without throwing my good choices out the window.  LET HER HELP YOU. You won’t regret it!


This week I’m forcing myself upstairs to my gym.   I used to love to run and I let myself get to busy to workout. I’m making time to start again!  It’s important for me to burn the calories as I take them in.  I decided I needed a motivation, so when thinking about it I thought of music festivals.  As a college student I go to all of them. The first one is in May, and I’m excited to be I started.  The last one is Lollapalooza which will be in August.  I’m thinking by then I’ll have reached my complete goal!   I keep picturing myself being able to wear my high wasted shorts and a bandau top.  I WILL DO IT. I won’t let that picture slip from my mind and I’m going to keep pushing everyday to get there.


What is your motivation going to be? Set a goal and do your best to reach it. We all want an ending result whether it’s me looking good at a concert or you finally fitting on that one dress you keep eyeing at your favorite store. If you really love a pair of jeans but feel like you’re not thin enough for them-who cares ! BUY THE JEANS. Then you’ll know you have them and it’ll keep you going because you’ll want to wear them so bad. When they finally fit it’ll make you feel accomplished. Do this with me. Because were all together in this struggle. Remember that your never the only one.


Talk soon,

Sam xoxo”


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