This Mom Ditched The Fad Diet Cycle And Finally Changed Her Body For Good!

When any of my clients want to share their story, that is the greatest compliment I can ever receive! Today’s transformation is one that has been over 2 years in the making, and one that I am so excited to FINALLY share! As a very busy working mom of two young boys, Sammy came to me finally ready to STOP DIETING AND START LIVING! She had tried every new trendy diet, only to lose weight and gain it back! She would eat what she thought was enough food during the day, and like so many others then crave sugar all night!


We worked together around her food intolerances and some unhealthy eating habits, to create a customized program that would fuel her body and restore her metabolism! During our first 16 months of working together, Sammy lost 25 pounds, and close to 15 inches off her body. She also was able to lose 11% body fat by weight training at the F.I.T. Boutique, doing Yoga Sculpt at Core Power, and even adding in Shred415 and Orange Theory to her routine! Exercise was the easy part for Sammy! She is always up for a great workout or any fitness challenge that comes her way! It was her food choices that were getting in her way! When we first began, our focus was on healthy eating habits, reading labels, and simple and easy meals for her entire family. I even worked with both her young boys to get them excited to switch up their snacks, and motivate their mom by eating all the new healthy meals she would be making! With everyone in  her family on board, Sammy has been able to maintain her weight loss for over ONE YEAR! She continues to lose inches and transform her body with consistent workouts, and living a lifestyle that includes eating huge portions of the foods she loves and never feeling deprived!


Sammy says, “There is no short cut to getting in the best shape of your life, and I was always looking for that quick fix or the next fad diet. I would just give up after a few weeks of eating a certain way and only seeing little results. I wanted to change my lifestyle permanently, and learn how to cook healthier for my family. I wanted to repair my metabolism and ensure the word “diet” was never used again.

I started by mentally committing myself to a year of working with TheFittChick. I knew the process was going to take time to lose the weight the right way, and I needed someone to hold me accountable so I didn’t fail again. It has now been over 2 years, and I could not have gotten to where I am today without the education, encouragement, constant support and friendship from Jillian! I am in the best shape of my life and nothing, not even this quarantine, can change that. Jillian has continued to check in with me daily to make sure that I have everything I need to maintain this healthy lifestyle. She has taught me how to live life and enjoy real food, and more of it. I wasn’t eating enough calories for so many years which over time caused damage to my metabolism. Now I eat all natural whole foods, no astronaut or fake food from a package for me, EVER

I am forever grateful that I took that first scary step over two years ago!  It WAS NOT easy, and anyone who says it is, is trying to sell you something!


Let Sammy’s inspiring story motivate you to get started TODAY! If you are ready to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS, check out TheFittChick plan HERE!


Are you ready to EAT YOURSELF SKINNY?


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