Rowing for Weight Loss!


Is the rowing machine a good choice when you want to shed some extra pounds?  When it comes to losing weight, we all know that combining healthy food habits with regular exercise is the way to go.  Working on the rowing machine is just one of many ways you can go when it comes to calorie burning exercise. 


A rowing machine is a cardio workout and at the same time, a workout for all your major muscle groups.  It can be a very effective weight loss tool because it is low impact on your joints, and uses your whole body to move back and forth which increases calorie-burning potential.  


To lose one pound each week you can cut your calories by 250 each day, and burn 250 calories with exercise. The rower can burn anywhere from 260 to 315 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the intensity of the workout.  Try building up to a 30 minute rowing workout by starting with 5 minute sessions.

Burning more calories means losing more weight, and the rowing machine is an excellent calorie burner.


The rower has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment over the last year.  Next time you walk past the rower at the gym, hop on and try it out.  HERE is a link to some rowing workouts to get you started!


What is a new piece of equipment you have tried this year?


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