Don’t Let Halloween Derail Your Diet!

photo(295) October 31st is here and it is definitely a day that will test your will power! If weight is something you struggle with, TheFittChick has 5 simple tips that may help you get through today feeling proud and inspired. 1. Buy candy you personally don’t like. 2. Don’t over buy candy, to avoid leftovers. 3. Look up the calories for your favorite candy, it may make you think twice before indulging. 4. Trick or Treat with a few snacks in your pocket. That way you have something healthy to put in your mouth instead of candy. 5. Do a little extra cardio today, and plan to be active tomorrow! ***Before you reach for a piece of candy, consider how much exercise it will take to burn off those calories!!!*** Starburts 8 pieces 160 calories or 50 minutes of pilates Peppermint Patty 3 miniatures 150 calories or 17 minutes of biking Butterfinger 2 fun-size bars 170 calories or 20 minutes of step aerobics Kit Kat 2 miniature bars 84 calories or run for about 9 minutes M&M’s, milk chocolate fun-size packet (13 g) 60 calories or 20 minutes of light weight lifting M&M’s, peanut fun-size packet (13 g) 70 calories or 20 minutes of moderate walking at 3 mph Milky Way or Mounds one fun-size bar 80 calories or 11 minutes of vigorous Vinyasa yoga Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup miniature (7 g) 36 calories or tread water for 8 minutes Skittles fun-size packet (15 g) 60 calories or 6 minutes of jump rope Snickers fun-size bar (15 g) 71 calories or 7 minutes of kettle bell swings 3 Musketeers fun-size bar (15 g) 63 calories or 12 minutes of walking Twix 2 fun-size bar 160 calories or 30 minutes of jogging Twizzlers, strawberry 3 twists (29 g) 100 calories or 16 minutes of yoga What is your strategy today to not totally blow your progress and stay on track? Share your tips to inspire others! ~Eat Yourself Skinny~

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