What Are Your Kids Snacking On?


Many of my clients are making the switch from “regular” yogurt to Greek yogurt.  I recommend Greek yogurt and the health benefits it provides, including being a good source of protein and its high amounts of probiotics.

Although plain Greek yogurt is the best choice for those watching their weight and sugar intake; flavored Greek yogurts have many benefits for Fittkids™.

My top 5 healthy benefits of Greek yogurt are…

1.  High protein content

2.  Contain live and active cultures and probiotics to help with digestion and to strengthen immunity.

3. Low-lactose, gluten-free and kosher-certified

4.10% of the daily value for calcium

5. 20% of the daily value for vitamin D important for proper bone health and development.

Who doesn’t love watching their kids make healthy choices?  Greek yogurt is great for a quick breakfast, addition to your kids lunch box, or an after school snack.  Some favorite flavors in my house are vanilla, key lime pie, and chocolate.  Try them all to see which flavors your kids’ will like best!

Live Fitt!….Be Fitt!

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