“Fitt” finds from TheFittChick…Have you discovered PB2 yet?

I am always on the hunt for new health food products.  If you love peanut butter like I do, you have to try out PB2.  It has all the flavor of full fat peanut butter without all the fat and calories.  PB2 is all natural with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  And even better, it tastes just like peanut butter with a quarter of the calories.  Two tablespoons of traditional peanut butter contains about 200 calories, while two tablespoons of PB2 powder contains just 53 calories.  PB2 has become my answer to making my daily protein shake taste like I just walked out of Dairy Queen. If you haven’t tried it yet, pick up a jar and try it out.  You will be so happy you did!!

Just go to TheFittChick.com and click on the PB2 image.   Don’t go another day without adding this amazing “FittChick Find” to your daily diet!

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What kind of protein shake do you make? I’m looking for a good one.

Hey Vanessa….I posted a great recipe on my web-site (TheFittChick.com), and I love Metabolic Nutrition Brand-the peanut butter cookie is amazing and so is the chocolate cake..you can link to it from my site and find it! Best one I have found yet!

I think it would be great, and more convenient for readers like me, if you had an affiliate link to the products site. That way, we could purchase directly.

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