How many calories did I burn mountain climbing?


Wow!  This workout was a total killer!  My aunt is a powerhouse when it comes to exercise (and yes she is 55 and didn’t even get winded during out 80 minute excursion) so it was no surprise that she loves hiking. This wasn’t just any hike though.  We hiked straight up the mountain.  The most inspiring part was all the skiers coming down cheering us on and telling us we were nuts.  One women even said, “You choose to do this for fun?”  I am still laughing about her comment.  Exercise is all about finding something fun you love to do!

The best part was finding out we burned way over 600 calories in our 80 minute workout!  Hiking in a mountainous terrain is a highly aerobic form of exercise. The constant change in incline constantly challenges your muscles and elevates your heart rate.  On average,  a 150-lb. person will 405 calories in 60 minutes of hiking, says HealthStatus.   Inclined terrain will burn even, and incorporating incline intervals into your hike will increase difficulty and create a larger calorie burn.

Not only was I dripping sweat and ripping off my clothes after 10 minutes, my entire body is already sore and I am so excited I made it to the top!  I always talk about trying new kinds of exercise.  This is one hike I will definitely do again!

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!


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