Healthy Passover Survivial Guide!

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Passover is fast approaching and with that comes the thoughts of how to enjoy your holiday without packing on the pounds.  If your family is anything like mine, the food will be the center of attention and anything but healthy!  Don’t Worry!  It is definitely possible to celebrate Passover without sabotaging all your weight loss efforts.


My first trick is to try and be a little sneaky!  This is definitely a time to do a little planning ahead.  Ask your mom if the brisket is covered in chili sauce (aka ketchup) and ask your grandma if she slathers her broccoli in butter.  If you know what will be served at your holiday dinner, it will be easy to know if healthy options will be available.  My biggest tip is to always offer to bring a healthy dish like roasted vegetables, a lean protein, or a big salad.  Another trick is to eat something healthy before you head out so you don’t arrive starving, and then have to sit through a long service.

The following is a list of Passover foods to either indulge in or avoid.  Both lists work for your Sedar and for the 8 days of Passover.

FittChick “approved” Passover foods:

~Gefilte fish
~High fiber or whole wheat matzo
~Broth, chicken, and vegetables from the Matzo ball soup
~Any chicken, turkey, or brisket not slathered in a heavy sauce
~Grilled veggies
~Salad without a heavy dressing
~Sweet potatoes or yams (without butter)

FittChick Passover foods to avoid:

~Matzo kugels
~Heavy casseroles
~Passover desserts
~Dried fruit compote

A typical FittChick “approved” Passover meal will look something like this: 


1.   One or two pieces of gefilte fish topped with horseradish


2.   Broth and veggies from the matzo ball soup


3.   Load up on tons of veggies


4.   A small amount of lean protein


5.   2 Protein Coconut Macaroons for dessert

You will be full, satisfied, and so proud you enjoyed your meal without gaining a single pound!  Do you have any healthy Passover tips?

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