TheFittChick Gets The Skinny On Holiday Eating!


The holiday season has officially arrived, and so has many opportunities to derail your weight loss plans!  Did you know the average person gains 4 to 7 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years?  Even worse is the statistic that the typical Thanksgiving meal is 7,000 calories, more then triple what you should eat in an entire day! 
Yes, it’s a social season, and between work parties and family get togethers there will always be temptation!  You don’t have to lose control during the holidays and face the New Year with regret. 
Here are 5 FittChick tips for maintaining your weight this holiday season…
1.  Never Arrive Hungry!
Be sure to make the time for a healthy meal or snack before you leave.  Even a Greek yogurt or a serving of nuts can make you feel more in control when dinner is served.  If you don’t eat all day, you may arrive ravenous and lose control.
2.  be prepared!
Offering to bring a healthy appetizer or side dish can put your mind at ease that there may be nothing for you to eat.  Shrimp cocktail, a veggie tray, a huge salad, a hearty soup, or roasted veggies are something every get-together needs and will fill you up without adding a lot of calories.
3.  talk talk talk!
Holidays don’t always have to be about the food.  Enjoy the people you are with, and try not to linger around the buffet!
4.  portion control!
Fill your plate with lots of veggies and loads of protein!  If you have planned to indulge, do so moderately.  Eat the healthier foods first.  They will fill you up so you will be less likely to overeat the more indulgent foods.  Learn to say no politely, and if your host is insistent, simply leave the food on your plate.  Maintaining your hard work is not rude or inconsiderate.  It is more disrespectful of someone to try and derail you from your healthy lifestyle!
5.  sweat a little!
Getting in a morning workout will make you feel good, and cover any picks and nibbles you choose to make!


If you are determined and have the right support, you can keep losing weight this holiday season.  If you are looking for help with weight loss check out my services HERE!
Happy Holidays!
Eat Yourself Skinny!


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