Make THIS the weekend you finally stay on track…


“Weekend eating is just as important as weekly eating. Two days can erase five! The message there should be clear – weekends can kill your fat loss.

Nibbles and extras can also ruin your fat loss. In isolation they might not mean much and can be classified as ‘little’, but little + little + little is no longer little. In the end, these little nibbles here and there DO in fact add up and CAN put the brakes on your progress.

Be mindful of what goes in your mouth. Even on the weekends.

I had a question previously where I was asked,

What do you recommend to your clients that have found it to be challenging to eat their meals on the weekends?”

Answer? Suck it up! You’re either committed to yourself or you’re not. There’s no such thing as ‘sorta committed’. And make no mistake, it’s a commitment to YOURSELF.

There’s nothing special about weekends. If you can eat correctly Monday to Friday, you can eat correctly Saturday and Sunday. There’s nothing inherent to weekends that mandates a complete lack of structure – particularly when a person is claiming they’re trying to achieve a certain goal.

Serious about your goal? You’ll follow your program.

Plans, diets, training programs – they’re only as good as the person following them.”


****This Blog Post is written by Lean Bodies Consulting****

****Lean Bodies Consulting gets straight to the point and tells it like it is!  I love it, and always love to pass along any type of motivation!****

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