Why You Should Wear a Heart Rate Monitor!


Wouldn’t you like to know how effective your workouts actually are? Anyone can estimate how many calories they are burning during their cardio classes, but over-estimating happens way to often. Heart Rate Monitors accurately show how many calories you are burning based on height, weight, and heart rate, so the number on the screen offers a clearer idea of what your workout is like for your weight loss goals.

“The American Heart Association explains that close monitoring of your heart rate during exercise is the key not only to knowing that you’re working out strenuously enough, but whether you’re improving your fitness over time. While there are other means of judging the efficacy of your routines (like how hard you’re breathing, how tired you are, whether you can walk or sing, etc.), heart rate monitoring is the single most reliable method.”

If weight loss is the primary reason behind your workout, a heart rate monitor can help you achieve your goals. Knowing exactly how many calories you burn is a definite plus, but being aware of your heart rate so you can push yourself into your fat burning zone is priceless! If you are in the market for a heart rate monitor, I wear (and love) the Polar heart rate monitor. This is one piece of exercise equipment I can’t live without!

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!

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