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“When a craving strikes in between meals, choosing almonds is always a healthy choice.  They not only deliver a host of nutrients, but they will provide you with energy and keep you full until your next meal.  Raw nuts are a healthy fat, and almonds are loaded with vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B2, calcium, and protein.


Did you know almonds have the power to lower bad cholesterol, benefit your cardiovascular health, and fight signs of aging on your skin.  And, since they do help to keep you full for a longer length of time, they can also help keep your weight in check.” 


Check out these amazing flavored almonds by Emerald.  They not only come in so many yummy flavors, but they guarantee that you are consuming the right amount of almonds without loading up the calories.  Hope you love this “Fitt” find as much as I do.


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