Healthy & Quick Breakfast on the Run!


Think you don’t have time for breakfast? Think again? This egg white veggie omelette can be ready to go in under 10 minutes. 

A nutritious morning meal you can eat while driving, walking, or sprinting out the door is always a bonus.  This recipe is a must try!

TheFittChick Veggie Omelet in a Mug


–        2/3 cup egg whites (4 egg whites)

–        1 slice turkey bacon, chopped

–        1 TBSP chives

–        2 TBSP chopped spinach

–        2 TBSP chopped tomatoes

–        1 TBSP low fat shredded cheese (optional)

–        sea salt and pepper to taste


1.   Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

2.   Pour mixture into a mug sprayed with cooking spray.

3.   Microwave for 3-4 minutes, until cooked through.

4.   Enjoy!


~ Substitute any veggies you like.

~ I love adding fresh jalapeno’s for a spicy kick.


Eat Yourself Skinny!



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