7 Skinny Foods to Help Eat Yourself Skinny!


If you are looking for ways to fulfill your New Year’s resolution or shed unwanted holiday pounds, this list is perfect for you!  Here are 7 tasty foods that will help you stay satisfied and full while jump-starting your weight loss efforts.

1.   Zucchini – Swap out high calories and carb-heavy pasta with zucchini noodles.  Use a julienne peeler to peal zucchini into a plate full of noodles which can save you over 500 calories per meal when you use this slimming swap.


2.   Salsa – With less than 20 calories per ¼ cup, salsa is a dieter’s best friend.  Use it as a flavorful replacement for mayo, sour cream, butter, or hummus.


3.   Cabbage – Bags of shredded cabbage mix make is easy to get in a pound of veggies in one sitting.  Sauté a bag with seasoning and soy sauce for a great side dish for any lunch or dinner.


4.   Brussels Sprouts – This veggie can help lower cholesterol, contain antioxidants and vitamins, help fight against cancer, and can aid in digestion and prevent overeating.


5.   Low-fat Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt can have twice as much protein as regular yogurt which will help you feel full and leave you feeling satisfied.


6.   Almonds – Nuts are high in fiber and protein, and they satiate you so you will never be hungry!


7.   Grapefruit – A fruit that cubs hunger and protects your heart, you can’t get better then that.


Load up on these diet-friendly foods!  Before you know it 2014 will be the year you get in the best shape of your life!


Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!


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