Help Your Kids Snack Smart!


In all honesty, finding my kids nutritionally balanced snacks that taste good and make them happy can be a tough job. With so many on-the-go snacks available, its hard to tell what’s actually healthy and which packages are just telling you it’s a smart choice. Just because it says “all natural,” “no sugar” or “organic” does not mean it’s a good snack for your family. There are tons of bars on the market, but most of them are full of sugar and words that you can’t even pronounce.

The hidden treasure for packaged foods is finding a snack with fewer than 5 ingredients. The LARABAR fits this definition perfectly! Having less ingredients usually means that there are less chemicals, sugar, and additives in your food.

The ingredients of the LARABARS are clean foods like dates, cashews, dried apples, and dried cherries, depending on which bar you pick. They just mush them together, put it in a colorful package, and put in on the shelving. LARABARS are not low calorie, but they are healthy and they taste great. Another added benefit is that they are gluten-free, raw, and vegan, which appeals to a large amount of people.

Whether you are looking for you or for your children, the LaraBar is a hidden gem among the many supposedly healthy food bars on the market. My kids can’t live without the key lime pie, peanut butter and jelly, and snickerdoodle. Make the LARABAR a staple food in your house. Your kids will fill up on clean ingredients, and you will love that they are eating a healthy, nutritious snack!

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!

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