SURPRISE…there is gluten in that!!


There are a number of foods with hidden sources of gluten that you may find surprising.  There are often gluten-free alternatives, but always be sure to read ingredient labels!  If you have trouble processing gluten or have Celiac Disease, you probably know to steer clear of the obvious choices like breads, pastas and baked goods.  But there are also foods that contain gluten that you would never expect!  Check out this list of surprising foods that you might never have thought would contain gluten!

1.    Soy sauce

2.    licorice, hard candy, and jelly beans

3.    French fries in a contaminated fryer

4.    canned soups, bouillon cubes and broths

5.    nondairy creamer and other dairy substitutes

6.    cold cut meats, hot dogs, salami, and sausage

7.    beer and root beer

8.    pickles

9.    salad dressings and season packets

10.  couscous and baked beans

11.  dry roasted nuts

12.  hot dogs

13.  frozen veggies in sauce

14.  hot chocolate

15.  tortilla and potato chips

Sticking with whole foods that are not processed, in a package, or pre-prepared will help you be completely gluten-free.  Starting a gluten-free diet can feel overwhelming at first, but this list may be an eye-opener for those that have been living a gluten-free life.  Did anything on this list amaze you?

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!

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