Healthy Eating Begins at the Grocery Store!


It will probably come to no surprise to you that the average person hits the grocery store at least twice a week.  The funny part is that most people feel like they never have anything to eat.  Follow the 5 tips below to make sure you not only have a well-stocked fridge, but that you are doing everything you can to live a healthy lifestyle.

1.    Prep and chop your fresh veggies and fruits when you get home so they are ready when you or anyone in your family gets the munchies.


     2.   Just because the label says “non-fat”, “low cal” or “no sugar added” does NOT mean that it’s good for you.


     3.   Never go down the middle aisles!  Stay on the outside aisles where the fresh produce, dairy, and meats are located.


     4.   Never go hungry!  That is when you buy foods you do not need and definitely do not want.


     5.   Plan your meals for the week and go with a list so you will be prepared to have a successful week of healthy eating!


 What is one item that is always in your grocery cart?




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This is wonderful info especially #1 as I have been finding that very effective. Small steps can sure pave the way to our greatness. Love it! And love what you’re doing!

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